The Trivas Suite of Products

Trivas International Inc. provides online products for organizations that want their employees to thrive (Trivas meaning thrive in Swedish).

With the Trivas suite of products, our mission is to give organizations the tools and resources to build a psychological health and safety program to help their workers thrive. Psychological health and safety comprises our ability to think, feel and act in a way that allows us to perform effectively in our work environments and our personal lives.


TrivasMaps is a series of five online modules providing an organization with a road map for developing, implementing and maintaining a customized psychological health and safety program. Each module includes policy development, as well as organizational culture; employee, supervisor, and manager training; processes and procedures, leadership development and commitment; psychological health and safety team development, critical event response; and an audit and evaluation component.

In development.


TrivasToolsis a subscription based online tool available to organizations to provide psychological health and safety resourcesWeekly content is sent out to all subscribers filled with information for effectively managing mental health in the workplace.

In development.


TrivasSpace is our free community space filled with psychological health and safety content and resources developed specifically for workers. These include resources such as regional harassment laws, leadership communication expectations, or recommendations on how to manage a work-life balance.

In development.


All of our products are currently in development. Leave us your email address to be amongst the first to hear when the product is available!



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