Our team believes in one goal, that all workers deserve to love their jobs, to be respected in the workplace, to thrive, to give it their all, and to kick-ass, every day. And that all organizations deserve to have workers that love coming into work, that are engaged, motivated, and determined to make a difference every day. Here at Trivas International we hope that we can help workers and organizations come together so that both can thrive.

Our team is made up of our core executive and a small but mighty team of researchers, writers, consultants, contractors, and advisors.

Deidra Helmig, CEO and Founder

Deidra has been a helper, a caretaker, and a changemaker all of her life. She knows that we all have the ability to thrive, and more importantly, we all deserve to thrive. Deidra’s passions include watching people flourish, seeing them discover their talents, and exploring their own definitions of success.

Deidra’s way of thriving includes spending us much time as possible outside, surrounded by plants, her dogs, the Rocky Mountains, and her family. She’s always got 3 or 4 books on the go, and falls asleep every time she watches a movie.


Dean Chan, CTO

Growing up, Dean was always inspired by the men and women of Star Trek and their goals of exploring new galaxies and helping the less fortunate. Dean loved the image of the utopian future. This led him into the field of engineering where solving problems is what led him to thrive in his career as an engineer in one of Canada’s largest construction companies. Moving into the world of entrepreneurship is where Dean really started to thrive.

Dean practices Brazilian jiujitsu, plays rugby, and commutes by bike as often as possible in snowy Edmonton, Alberta. He has a passion for local politics, is an active family man, and bakes a mean loaf of bread.


We want to make the world a better place!

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