Satisfied, engaged employees are critical for an organization’s success. Organizations want their employees to come into work feeling motivated, loyal, and giving 100%. They want them to be productive, excited about their work, and on top of their game, every day.

Workers want to love their jobs. They want to feel fulfilled, respected, valued, and safe in their workplace. They want to have some control over how they do their work and that they have opportunities to contribute ideas and suggestions.

To simplify things, many people think of psychological health and safety as mental health in the workplace. It comprises our ability to think, feel and act in a way that allows us to perform effectively in our work environments and our personal lives.

Organizations with a focus on psychological health and safety in the workplace have positive impacts that include the following:

  • Improved ability to recruit and retain talent
  • improved employee engagement
  • increased productivity
  • more creative and innovative workers
  • greater profits
  • decline in key workplace issues such as conflict, complaints, turnover, disability, injury rates, absenteeism, presenteeism, performance or morale problems

Do you want happy and productive workers?

Are you a leader in your company? Are you looking to build a culture where employees are productive, and respected? Are you looking to build employee loyalty and reduce turnover? Strengthen your company culture, retain valuable workers, and be an employer of choice?

We’ve seen too many organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on ‘perks’ such as ping pong tables, and nap rooms, and incentive programs, thinking that this is what it will take to keep their workers loyal and content. When what your workers want is to be seen and heard, respected, recognized and valued.

Trivas International Inc. believes all organizations should have motivated, productive workers who love their jobs. We also believe that the world’s workers should all have the opportunity to thrive.



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